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Maintenance fees:


This information does not apply to residents who have already signed up for the Association to withdraw the funds directly from your account. If this is how you pay your maintenance STOP HERE. 

Resident may enroll with automatic recurring payment at the Association office providing us with a voided check from your bank, there are no processing fees.  Tops Owner Access is no longer in use.


Another way to avoid fees on your payment is to pay online from your computer through your bank account with the First Citizens Bank link on your online portal.  (Fees apply for using the mobile app.)

You can make your payment electronically through your bank account or by credit/debit card. 

To join the First Citizens Bank automatic payment process if you’re not already using ACH, use this link to First Citizens Bank: https://propertypay.firstcitizens.com    

For instructions to make a One Time Payment click here or here if you want to set up a Payment Schedule.


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